The power to the People… Premier livre de mon fils Val !

Ecrire des livres semble être de famille : après sa mère, voilà que mon fils s’y met aussi !

En effet, je viens de publier le premier livre de Val (20 ans) qui est déjà en ligne sur Amazon

Comme son titre l’indique, il s’agit d’un livre en anglais dont voici la présentation :

Everybody agrees that, for the brand experience,
consumers have a voice that is important and it needs to be heard and spread out accordingly.
That being said, there’s a lot of bad consumer experience today with companies, services and products but despite it being a real problem, no one provide a way for people to express themselves on that matter.
Today what we’re seeing is a shift in the world of business and consumption; lead by 2 obvious pillars: Mobile & Social. Each of these massive movements has made possible the opportunity for every individual to get heard and impact accordingly.
It is a great coincidence that the emergence of consumer problems and business issues are coincided with the arrival of tools that can help to bring the world together -enabling people to communicate and express themselves in a better way.
What’s happening today in the world actually redefines the role of the patron and the relationship between businesses and customers. As everybody’s voice gain in importance, businesses will have to align and start viewing their customers in a new way.
Today, our society has reached another tipping point.
We live in a time where a greater part of people in the world have access to the Internet and/or mobile phones —
the raw tools necessary to start sharing what they’re experiencing and how.
I envision a new dynamic between people and businesses. Individuals will introduce a new working archetype for consumer empowerment and also customer engagement.
As a result of individuals expressing themselves and sharing that, businesses and brands awake to an already vibrant and still growing customer base that now expects their participation and attention.
There are 3 major movements that are shaking our world today:
1. The ever-lasting consumer oriented-society we live in.
2. The incredibly connected and social life we experience with the web and social medias.
3. The constant bad brand experience we encounter.

The convergence of these movements creates big opportunities for change to arise in order to re-balance the equilibrium between consumer and companies.
The digital feedback world will bring what people have always wanted: a world more transparent and aligned.
This is the vision underlined in this book, in order to improve the consumer experience for the benefit of all by giving the power to the people.

Chapters of the book:
1. Influence
2. (The end of) “Business as usual”
3. Transformation
4. Everybody’s concerned
5. New era, New Business
6. Welcome to the consumption society!
7. Connected customers are sharing
8. (Everyone hates) customer service
9. The problem & The Dilemma
10. Experience is THE word
11. Brand experience
12. The whole thing, Bad experience
13. Brand Management
14. Reputation Management
15. Customer empowerment
16. Companies realizing
17. The web effect
18. Welcome to the social revolution
19. The Concept

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