Star Wars: a complete nothing

I went with my son to see the latest Star Wars movie. The trailer for the film seemed pretty good, and the media had hyped up (incredibly so) the release of the film, my curiosity was peaked.

To say that I was disappointed is a complete understatement. Really, I even found this walk through nostalgia rather sad, a parade of the old actors completing the same scenes and script from the original Star Wars in 1977.

I loved the first Star Wars series, but I wasn’t ever a total fanatic. I can’t understand all the moviegoers that wear the same costumes as the actors in the movie (last night I even saw someone wearing a Choubaka outfit).

In brief, this latest installment of the Star Wars series (there will be others, yippee!) is significantly a lower level of quality. I’ll explain: if the audience finds this dull and uninspired movie great, it is because they were expecting greatness. The media hype that was spread everywhere, created an expectation by repeatedly hammering that this movie was, “the best movie ever, you have to see it, it will ignite your passion, you will adore it”. The logic is that by stunning the audience (with the movie trailer) and treating Star Wars as a sacred entity, the audience will be “governed by their emotion”. Voila, here is an example of the effectiveness of this logic.

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