Have you seen the movie, “Steve Jobs”? Why is it a flop?

All of the press in the U. S. have said it, the new film about Steve Jobs, who is played by Michael Fassbender, is a complete flop. But it is not alone. According to the U. S. press brigade, it appears that the time around Halloween was a complete failure for new movie releases.

I have seen all of the movies on the subject of Steve Jobs, and yes there are a lot of them, maybe too many. Therefore, the first reaction from the bored moviegoers; another movie about Steve Jobs?  You have got to be kidding, right? (egal – Tu dois plaisanter, n’est-ce pas ?)

The movie focuses on the how Steve manages the release of all of his different products….. The launching of a product and of all of the products? Again, you have got to be kidding, right? (Ya, okay, I understand)

In short, there are some clear reasons why this movie misses its mark. However, even if you insist that “Pirates of Silicon Valley” is really the best movie on this topic, I still think that this latest movie, “Steve Jobs”, would be worth the trouble of watching if: you have a deep interest in this topic; and you are truly knowledgeable on this topic (because there are quite a few tacitly implied statements that naïve viewers may miss).

At first I was not convinced on the choice of Michael Fassbender to play the part of Steve Jobs, because their appearances are not alike, really.

But then, I need to admit, that this excellent German actor is very convincing. He brings a certain depth, and his acting is appropriate, (as much as I can judge, because Steve Jobs is the only great computer expert that I have not met in person).

Finally, Jobs is on the path to become almost like a myth, and the number of movies (too many) about this topic clearly demonstrate this. We, who have never known him, and more important have never worked with him; will not and could not ever be a part of this. But like most individuals of genius, these exceptionally bright leaders, by necessity, can also be exceptionally difficult to live with.

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